Our Mission


Bay Area Stampede Club

  • Formed to assist and promote youth involvement in Agricultural and Horticultural activities.
  • Provide Sponsorship to help cover cost of the purchase price of livestock exhibit.
  • Purchase exhibits to insure that the kids do not lose all they have put into them.
  • Assist with cost associated with housing and feed for exhibit.

Kids Needs and Club Goals

Sponsors to help cover cost of exhibits.

  • Sponsor exhibits thru fairs and rodeos.

Buyers to bid on winning exhibits and purchase under the barn exhibits.

  • Raise funds to purchase these exhibits.

Resources that will help provide needed funds to sustain exhibits.

  • Raise emergency funds to provide feed and housing as needed and requested thru proper club and/or association. Will be submitted and approved thru BASC committee.

Place to house exhibits.

  • The club will raise awareness of the need for facilities where kids who want to participate have a place to raise their exhibits. Work towards providing a place that will allow agricultural animals to be housed for kids who can not house because of resident restrictions or city code.

Raise Money Through the Following:

  1. Membership dues
  2. Fundraisers
  3. Direct sponsorship
  4. Donations
  5. Sales of purchased exhibits.

What Kids Learn From Partcipating

What kids learn from participating in these activities is : leadership, commitment, hard work, dedication, respect, responsibility and the list goes on and on.

Target Support

Target support is the Show and Fairs within the donors area. The club does not intend to limit itself to any particular show, but support the kids that we have funds to support. The club will vote and allot monies to shows based on available money and needs as submitted by the support committee.